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in the caucus states. randi? >> thank you very much. >>> several veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan are celebrating their 2012 victory. in fact, it was a his tore uk election for them. barbara starr has more on the veterans getting ready to take their seat in congress. >> reporter: republican tom cotton, a veteran of iraq and afghanistan was one of the big winners tuesday, seizing the fourth congressional district seat in arkansas. >> although i don't know what committee i'll be assigned to, ultimately i want to play a central role in helping guide america's national policy and foreign policy. >> reporter: cotton, a law school graduate was an infantry officer with the 101st airborne division. nine veterans from these wars have just won congressional seats, seven republicans and two democrats. >> this is definitely historical. there are going to be more iraq and after gaffe stan veterans. >> reporter: seth lynn says iraq and afghanistan veterans may finally have found their political voice. >> and i think a lot of people have come home, really established themselves in their communit
he is. a soldier scholar four star general with a prince ton phd, a war commander in afghanistan and iraq. >> a father of two. married to his wife holly for 38 years. during his senate confirmation to head the c.i.a. he praised her support as a military spouse. >> she is a symbol of the strength and dedication of families around the globe who waited home. >> general david petraeus, was asked to do a very difficult job. >> even talk of petraeus joining a white house ticket himself. not happening he said. >> we're not out there running a political campaign. we're running a war. >> even friday, this from the white house. >> the president thinks general per race has done an excellent job. >> to see if he could be at risk for blackmail because of the affair but no suggestion of criminal wrong doing. >> i think what you see here is what you get. >> the president has named the o number two man as acting director. some in congress actually talking about bringing general petraeus back to testify for these hearings because of his expertise. no
, not just from afghanistan and iraq but all around the world. i don't believe that america can -- we can no longer be the world's police force. we need to bring our troops home and concentrate on protecting us at home. >>> is the healthcare reform act really the answer? it's the landmark for pob and mitt romney said he will repeal it immediately. >> it's a 10,000 page bill -- or law. there's going to be some good. there's going to be some bad. i believe that it is the signature law for president obama and the signature law for governor romney in massachusetts. i personally would repeal the bad and try to keep the good, especially maintaining insurance on our children until they're 26. >> we have about a minute left. while you are one person running for congress, how do you address the on going stalemate and jm nastiness that exists in both houses? >> i believe it's due to party alee gens. they both feel they need to defend their party. overall, as a libertarian, i don't have the part aplea gens, so i basically would be able to reach across the aisle and come with a come promiessments tru
in afghan and -- afghanistan and one in iraq. >> four interviews and, we're sorry, you're not what we're looking for. >> he has been told his military trek nick cal training outdated and not transferable. while some veterans trying to find the job, others are left looking for a place to year. so this is about to open a new veterans center. vets will soon be able to call this home. >> for as long as they want to, the rest of their life. it's permanent housing. >> he is the chief operating officer and says it's taken six years to make this a reality for homeless vets there more than 60,000 homeless vets in the u.s. ronald jones served six years in the army and has been homeless off and on for 12 years. soon he will move into the montana. >> the best veteran day gift i could get. >> joe and other vets will get medical care, counseling, camaraderie, and a police to -- place call home. the veteran common is the first housing for veterans to open in san francisco since 2000. they'll we holding an open house tomorrow from 11:00 to 3:00. reporting live, abc-7 news. >> ama: 100 homeless vetera
american forces were lost and killed in afghanistan and iraq? even today, even right now, they're still losing their it wouldn't have been acceptable to your people for you to do nothing. >> translator: not at all. surely we would have pursued the perpetrators, not to seek an entire nation. but i ask you this. during the last ten years, during the last decade, how many american forces were lost and killed in afghanistan and iraq? even today, even right now, they're still losing their lives. has the situation improved? clearly not. how can you say that it has improved? now the activities of the terrorists have trespassed into the borders of pakistan. in iraq and afghanistan, over a million people have been killed or injured. we are incredibly saddened that over 3,000 people were killed in the united states. the iranian government immediately condemned those brutal attacks. and i told you, we are against even the killing of one individual. why should human lives be taken, innocent humans, anywhere in the world? but in order to avenge the blood of 3,000 people, a million people shouldn't g
of the afghanistan and iraq veterans returned that needed care and the president made a decision to award new coverage areas for vietnam veterans, the two pipelines coming in just over ran the system. >> you said they've tried to speed up, but that has meant more mistakes. >> they have. a recent study by the inspector general of the va says it was as many as 30% of benefit decisions were erroneous and that's doubled in the last couple years as well. >> is this just about not enough people, not enough boots on the ground to handle this huge number of veterans coming in? >> three things, resources, more people. it's an old paper system and we live in a digital era and i think better training of the people who are making these decisions. all three are what the va is trying to address now. >> in the va's defense says look, we've made millions of decisions this year and you're going to make more next year. aren't they beginning to catch up? >> they're going to try. they say by 2015 they'll make good on the president's promise from 2008 and it depends on whether they can get the resources from cong
at the tomb of the unknowns and then met with families who lost loved ones in the iraq and afghanistan wars. >>> lawmakers have pointed questions about the fbi's investigation into general petraeus' extramarital affair. they want to know why they weren't told, and they want to know if national security was breached. peter king talked to candy crowley today. >> it seems that this has been going on for several months and now appears that the fbi did not realize until election day that general petraeus was involved. it just doesn't add up. >> petraeus resigned from the post as cia director friday and mitt head had an affair. and then sources said that the affair was with whiz biographer paula broadwell. more on that in a few moments. >>> bipartisan agreement appears to be in the work. charles schumer and lindsey graham says that their path including a tough love to citizenship. they teamed up in 2010, and that plan went nowhere, but the republicans may have fresh motivation after election losses last week. >>> death toll from superstorm sandy has climbed to 113 with two more deaths reported in
have allowed petraeus, the former commander of combat forces in afghanistan and iraq, to stay. >> there's no criminal conduct involved. it's basically a matter for him and his family. >> reporter: the a.p. is reporting tonight a former petraeus spokeswoman says the retired general is truly remorseful for the affair and is trying to heal with his family. petraeus was to testify this week about the attack in benghazi, libya. the acting cia director will take his place. >> darcy spencer, thank you. >>> a tv station in chicago says tonight jesse jackson jr. is working out a plea deal on charges of misusing campaign funds. jackson was re-elected to congress tuesday despite missing the last five months for treatment of bipolar disorder. he's accused of using campaign cash for personal expenses including imprivatement to his home in d.c. -- improvements to his home in d.c. the chicago affiliate says the plea deal would likely include jail time and require him to resign from congress. >>> it took four days, but now we know officially that president obama won the state of florida in tuesday's pr
. >>> their mission is to serve in afghanistan and iraq. their mission is to make barbecue. don harrison has more. >> reporter: here at mission barbecue they have a goal. >> hope to serve about 1,000 veterans today. >> reporter: not a single one will pay for their meal. >> for us it's to take great food and to serve these american heroes and say thanks. >> how you doing? >> reporter: one of those heroes is 91-year-old claude. he served under general patton. he said it it's such a nice gesture. >> so outstanding. >> reporter: this is not a plaque or a sculpture. it's a cake. it's a creation of charm city cakes, an exact replica of the iwo jima replica. >> this probably took our staff about 60 hours. >> you don't see too many people recognizing vets. it's a really good feeling to see something like this come about. >> reporter: in many ways, every day is veterans day at missions barbecue. they sing the star spangled banner always at noon. with an event this special, it serves up a lot of emotions. >> i just want them to know i am still proud to be an american. i thank them for letting me be that. >
three combat tours in iraq, a year in afghanistan. he and his family have given an awful lot to this country since 9/11. when the time came for us to be generous, we were not. i think it does say more about us than him. tavis: when you suggest that we care more about the sex lives of our leaders that their real lives of our soldiers, that is a pretty loaded statement. >> it worries me because it does speak to a moral recklessness. the casual arrogance with which we fought the wars in iraq and afghanistan the we did have 11 commanders in afghanistan in 11 years. if you ran a company like that, it would collapse. we just rotate commanders. these are things that affect the lives of soldiers. partly because of this country, we do not know much about military effectiveness any more. when you talk to combat soldiers, they do not care if their commander is gay, an alcoholic, even a racist. if people keep them alive. that is the only priority for soldiers. they really value a good leader. we are saying no, we do not value combat effectiveness. we value your personal morality. tavis:
in the conflicts of afghanistan and iraq. that is absurd to me. >> reporter: since 2006, more than 7,000 students have come through the cradle to grave program. >> like i don't want that to happen to me. like i want to be able to live, be something that my mom would want me to be. >> we want to really teach them the preciousness of life, and that in an instant your life can be changed forever. >> reporter: change they want for the better. sarah hoy, cnn, philadelphia. >>> who is black in america? is being black determined by the color of your skin, by your family, by what society says or something else? our soledad o'brien will examine provocative questions about skin color and race in our new documentary "who is black in america?" that premieres sunday december 9th at 8:00 eastern on cnn. frpts mitt romney lost the election but may have made history. his loss could go down as the last presidential campaign to bank on the white vote for a win. i spoke about this to al cardenas and patrick milsap who is newt gingrich's former campaign chief of staff. i asked what republicans can do to do better in
. as an historian, i have to say, compared to his exploits in iraq and afghanistan. >> david petraeus steps down after confessing to an extramarital affair with his biographer. we speak about his role in iraq and afghanistan and the cia. then the nation marks of veterans day. >> in this country, we take care @of our own, especially our veterans who have served us so bravely and have sacrificed so selflessly in our name. we carry on knowing that our best days always lie ahead. >> a major new investigation reveals how thousands of veterans are being denied disability benefits due to errors by the department of veterans affairs. >> there is nearly out of resources and in about of accumulated trauma that these soldiers, marines, and air men are experiencing, because of the war itself, continues to accumulate the law the war goes on. the military is playing catch- up more than 16,000 veterans are homeless. an estimated 18 veterans commit suicide every year. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. "the new york times"is reporting high-level officials were n
decade, how many american forces were lost and killed in afghanistan and iraq? even today, even right now, they're still losing their lives. has the situation improved? clearly not. how can you say that it has improved? now the activities of the terrorists have trespassed into the borders of pakistan. in iraq and afghanistan, over a million people have been killed or injured. we are incredibly saddened that over 3,000 people were killed in the united states. the iranian government immediately condemned those brutal attacks. and i told you, we are against even the killing of one individual. why should human lives be taken, innocent humans, anywhere in the world? but in order to avenge the blood of 3,000 people, a million people shouldn't give their lives. some of the behaviors of the united states in our region encourages extremism. perhaps because they don't know the people. so they do need to reform their behavior. there was no need for 5,000 or 6,000 u.s. young men and women to lose their lives. >> coming up, president ahmadinejad's provocative opinions on israel. he tells us what he re
, and the conflict still continues. every day hundreds of people in afghanistan, pakistan and iraq are killed. would it not have been better to have a more precise analysis and find out the true in-depth reason of the events of september 11th, make that -- make those findings transparent to the populations in the nations across the world, and then have a response in unison. of course, the expense would have been much less. do you know how much has been spent during the afghan and iraq war? >> a considerable amount of money. but let me ask you this, mr. president. if nearly 3,000 iranians had been murdered in the way that americans were on 9/11, in tehran, how would you have reacted to the country that you believed had done that? >> translator: so you're saying that the country of afghanistan was at fault? was responsible? so you're seeing the responsible party as a whole nation? >> i think it is inarguable that al qaeda and osama bin laden's men who worked for him were training in afghanistan. so afghanistan was certainly knowingly harboring terrorists who were training to commit atrocities. >> tran
is this is what ended petraeus's career, when you consider his record in both iraq and afghanistan. he was very supportive of iraq, very supportive of the surge in afghanistan. those wars have been a complete and utter failure something michael hastings has been outspoken about. >> cenk: first of all erin burnett talked about why she liked general petraeus so much. >> he made us all feel special and he'd respond to emails. >> cenk: well, it's funny emails got him in trouble in the first place. the cozy, oh, my god general petraeus, he was doing a great job in iraq and afghanistan because he likes us, he made us feel special and hastings took that on on piers morgan last night. >> the media has played a role in protecting david petraeus and portraying him and mythologying general pelt race. a roommate in baghdad was involved in one of the most recent foreign policy debacles is addressing general petraeus. those raising those concerns, you might not get that from cnn a spokesperson for the pentagon in many ways. >> our own notebook there, a body slam of cnn and the generals. i want to show you cn
people who served in iraq and afghanistan and they came back and especially after they had been injured, they were on a new front line and had to make a decision about the direction they were going to have. they had to make a decision how they were going to deal with pain and work through difficulties and hardships to find ways to be of service at home. all of the men and women i talked with, i went to bethesda naval hospital and started talking with young men and women and people who lost both of their legs and talked with one young man who lost the use of his right arm, talked with another lost most of his hearing and when i asked what do you want to do when you recover, every single one of them said i want to return to my unit. the reality was for a lot of those killed 2 and women they were not going to return to their unit. the reality was on this new frontline of these implants women who had come back from service wanted to find a way to continue to serve. i took my contact pay from iraq. two france put money from disability checks and used that to start the mission continues. we s
went to afghanistan and then to southeast asia and then to the horn of africa and then finally to iraq. and in the warrior's heart i talk a little bit about my experience in iraq where i was on the front line. and in march of 2007, i was serving as the commander of an al-qaeda targeting cell in iraq. my unit's mission was to capture mid to senior-level al-qaeda leaders in and around the city of fallujah, iraq, and in march of 2007 my team came under attack with a mortar attack in the morning. and after several mortar rounds went off, what happened was that there was of a suicide truck bomb that went off. and when the suicide truck bomb went off, it ended up taking out the entire western wall of our barracks. and that day, later that day, i was taken to the fallujah surgical hospital. i had minor injuries. 72 hours later, i was able to return to full duty. but what also happened was there were some of my friends who were hurt a lot worse than i was. and one of the things that i say to young people is for a lot of the people who i went to visit when they came home, i saw that they were o
since september of last year. before that, he led u.s. military forces in both afghanistan and iraq. much more on the petraeus story ahead on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." >>> bay area headlines. this is what's left of a suspect's car after a police chase ended this afternoon. they say the person was driving recklessly through castro valley before crashing into a light pole. the suspects under arrest suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. >>> the lights are back on for san francisco residents left in the dark after a lightning strike. pg&e says the lightning damaged five transformers along 24th street about 1:00 in the morning. about 200 people in the noe valley neighborhood were affected by that. >>> tonight, a santa rosa family is asking why someone would shoot their beloved pet. their 17-year-old american warm blood horse was shot and killed in sonoma county's bennett valley area. delta fox was grazing sunday morning on the outskirts of the 14-acre sonoma county ranch with two other horses. then the owners say the three came runningback to their stalls where t
the bay area were honored for service today. but many returning from plaigss like afghanistan and iraq are having a difficult time moving from military life to jobs in the civiliannv,yv sector. here is laura anthony from martinez. this day is about honoring those who served in the military, many young veterans need a job. >> it's been hard. it's been really hard. some of the qaul ficks i received while ieqahd served. really, they don't translate to the civilian world. >> recently dischargedó$:/b natn did find a job with the city of conk krord, but plans to use the gi bill to go back to school to pursue a career as a social worker. there has been improvement, young veterans experience higher unemployment than nonveterans. according to labor of bureau stat activityics in 2010 the number was 20%. now, about 10%. >> congress has bun a lot but we have more to do. >> congressman thompson is a veteran of vietnam. >> we're able to pass a new gi bill paying attention to vet transreturning from iraq and afghanistan. we need to make sure that stays. provided an incentive for people to hire veter
from afghanistan and iraq is already 10%. a lot of the returning troops spent years rebuilding villages in the war zone. well, now elaine quijano has found there is a sudden surge in hiring in a few american towns that look like they lost a war. >> reporter: bruce bradford spent 12 years in the army fixing vehicles and rebuilding communities in iraq and afghanistan. he was discharged in 2010 and has been out of work since. >> you put so much into serving your country -- [ pause/voice breaking ] >> -- that once you take the uniform off, it's almost as if you lose a sense of pride and a sense of dignity because you wake up and you realize, "i used to stand for something." >> reporter: that's why bradford soldiered through a foot injury, to get to a veterans job fair in toms river, new jersey. >> really appreciate it. >> reporter: kevin schmiegel is a retired marine who runs "hiring our heroes." >> this is not charity. this is about connecting talented young men and women, giving them the tools they need to connect with an employer, and helping them land a career after they serve in our co
traub. mr. traub, you usually inform us about deeply important things going on in afghanistan iraq, around the world. now we're talking about e-mails and tawdry behavior. >> it is like a novel. i'm reading the kind of novel i don't normally read. >> eliot: we know you read them but that's okay. >> yeah. it's just -- it's like watching a car pileup, right? you really think i don't want to know this. you keep watching, reading. you love it. but how much of this matters? how much does it matter to us? not to holly petraeus. does it matter to us that david petraeus had an affair with paula broadwell. allegedly it does because he's the head of the c.i.a. and he could be blackmailed. well that's like boris and natasha stuff to me. this must have been true. it was true in the 1950s. who's going to be blackmailing him? the russians or the chinese are going to say we're going to tell the world you had an affair or otherwise please give us confidential information? then fine, go ahead and tell them. so this whole notio
a double header going in afghanistan and iraq, and quite understandably we had president who will be to be immersed in the issues. and often and one of the challenges was that often when they look to another part of the world like east asia, it was in terms behalf those countries in east asia mean to the central challenge which was waging the war on terrorism or dealing with the wars. and yet, you know, if you go to a country like indonesia, you know, this is a country that you put on a map, it goes from california to bermuda. it is huge. enormous population. and to reduce indonesia only to a bit player and be a role issue on the global war on terrorism department sit too well in indonesia. so i think part of the challenge was to really work with these countries in of themselves and not just as instrument of something that was going on in another part of the world. i came to the job by being ambassador in korea, and i walked in to a meeting that i thought was going to be with steve hadly and condoleezza rise joined the meeting. both steve and condoleezza said to me our countr
into escalating afghanistan, he ran a campaign in iraq that was brutally savage, included arming, the worst of the worst. shiite death squads, sunni militiamen and go back to the training training that also had problems. to me, the questions of honor and integrity, i was raising those earlier. a number of other journalists covering petraeus were raising those concerns. you might not get that from someone at barbara starr at cnn who is essentially a spokesperson for the pentagon in many ways. so i think i just want to step back and have my piece because even the way the scandal is being covered is so different than how usual sex scandals are being covered where they hammer the guy. now everyone is saying oh, my god, he just went to the cia, how could he be, you know, he was susceptible to being seduced by this woman. give me a break. he has all his allies coming out to defend him where paula broadwell is there yet again, where are her protectors? >> barbara is not a spokesperson, obviously. let's move to -- >> not too obviously. i followed her coverage pretty closely as she covered my work b
is uncommon. and i've been covering the war in afghanistan, and iraq, from the comfort of the north lawn of the white house. but it wasn't until i started researching this book, going to afghanistan, talking to troops, their families, their widows, their grieving moms, that i really came to an appreciate what it is these people, 1%, 2% of the population, what it is they give for you and me and our families. not just the troops, who obviously put themselves in harms way, but their moms and their kids and wives and husbands. they really deserve much more than just one day. >> one day, on this veterans day weekend. thank you so much for this. and i did love what you wrote about them, that they are the bravest people, trying to do their very best in an impossible situation in that part of the world. thank you, jake. >>> and, again, we thank you for watching on this veterans day holiday. "nightline" will be along later. and we'll see you back here again tomorrow night. good night. >>> tonight the officer-involving shooting death of a marine what. prompted police to open fire. >> abc 7 news fo
their experience working as embedded journalists in countries such as afghanistan, iraq and columbia. this is about 50 minutes. >> thank you for the introductions. i would like to thank you in advance. we are talking about the ethics of journalists. i am not a journalist. i am a historian. so could we start with what do you guys call this? do you refer to being embedded as -- how do we talk about this? >> i am embedded. yes. >> you do not say, i am on an embed. >> an embed means -- you could be with the military and not be embedded. i think it's a term of art now. it meansi signed a contract with the military. as far as i know, this is pretty much invented by the military and all this terminology, before that, you would just say, i am reporting with the army. >> there is an indication with embedded that you are living with them and you have shelter, food, and are with them. >> you can rely on them for food and security. we only refer to embeds as far as the military. >> it is about journalists who are working during world war ii. >> journalists were given a rank. the word embedded was not called th
and there is a high revel of rotation of people coming back from afghanistan or iraq, whatever the case may be, but we also reach out to squadron level training. it really comes down to meeting with your cooperating agencies and training together on a frequent basis and having good and open dialogue. >> as i look back at that map here, knowing we were heading into that time of year where we're going to hit significant fire weather and knowing northern california as we are now but eventually southern california, one of the most effective ways to stop the fires from growing is that initial attack, which means we need to be able to quickly put resources up in the air and move them. i guess my question is from a national guard perspective, from a naval perspective, with the helicopter resources down there, do you feel you would be able to quickly move those resources and you have the agreements in place. we'll start with the national guard and work on our way down. >> although we're advertised as a one week a month and two weekends a year, i've got crews on pretty much every day and if cal fire calls i
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